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Saga Continues As Youth Drop Corpses In The Parlor Of The Man That Exhumed Them (Photo)

The last has not been seen of the land dispute that saw two corpses being exhumed, three weeks after their burial in Isiozi Umuaka, #ImoState, as the corpses have now been dumped in the sitting room of the man that dug them out.
Yesterday, we reported how the corpses of a mother and her daughter-in-Law who died 6 and 4 years ago respectively – but couldn’t be buried due to a lingering land dispute – were exhumed by one of the warring parties after they were buried on the land under dispute.
The man behind the act said he took the step because the case is still in court. He later proceeded to dump their caskets at the market square. However, he got more than he bargained for as aggrieved youth of the community later relocated the caskets to his sitting room.

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