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Blogger: How-to Post Using the WYSIWYG Editor

Below the Blog name and title line are some additional buttons and icons. We've already covered the Compose and HTML buttons. Most of these are formatting options  that can be applied to text when selected and highlighted for editing.

Blogger: How-to Post Using the WYSIWYG Editor
Blogger: How-to Post Using the WYSIWYG Editor
From left to right, the icons are:
  • Undo – Undoes the last action.
  • Redo – Redoes the last action.
  • Font Selection – Displays a list of fonts available.
  • Font Size Selection – Changes the font size.
  • Paragraph Style – Changes the paragraph style to HTML compliant choices.
  • Bold – Bolds the selected text.
  • Italic – Italicizes the selected text.
  • Underline – Underlines the selected text.
  • Text Color – Applies a new color to the selected text.
  • Text Background Color – Applies a background color to the selected text.
  • Link – For creating Hypertext Links (covered later).
  • Insert Image – Click to open up the upload photo option, then select a photo or image from your computer to publish.
  • Insert Video – Click to open the embed/link to video option, then paste a video URL link.
  • Insert jump break – Used to break up long blog posts, so visitors will see the title and content above the break and a link to “read more.”
  • Justification – Left, center, or right alignment of selected text.
  • Numbered list – Creates a numbered list of the selected lines of text.
  • Bullet list – Creates a bullet list from lines of the selected lines of text.
  • Quote – Applies a style that indents the text left and right.
  • Remove formatting – Used when cutting and pasting from Word or other sources to remove all formatting.
  • Spell checker – Checks spelling using the Blogger dictionary.
  • Define/Translate – Displays a definition or translation from Google's database for the selected text.

Post Settings

Blogger: How-to Post Using the WYSIWYG Editor
On the right side of the editor, below Post settings, are links for Labels, Schedule, Location and Options.
“Labels” applies a category label for a post, which can be used for indexing and creating a list of topics for users to find. For example, a blog about fruit would use apples, oranges, and pears as labels. A post would be assigned a label, then visitors could search for posts by the label category.
“Schedule” is the option for scheduled when a post will be  published, allowing the blog author to setup posts for publishing in advance.

“Location” will display the location of a post using Google maps, while “Options”  has choices for allowing comments on each post, and some additional HTML options.

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