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Davido Listed Among Of 19,901 Accounts ‘Owing’ Taxes

The FIRS, Federal Inland Service has notified more than 19,900 tax payers that their bank accounts will be automatically debited in 29 days if they refuse to pay their tax.
The list of 19,901 accounts yet to update their tax status was released on Monday August 19, which includes Davido, Assemblies of God, Obasanjo Farms and 19,998 others.
Owners of the 19,901 accounts were given 29 days to pay their tax or see it get deducted from their bank accounts. The notice read in parts;
“This is to notify all Companies, which had their Bank Accounts placed under Lien by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) pursuant to Section 31 of the FIRSE Act, but are yet to regularise their tax status with the FIRS, that if they fail, refuse or neglect to pay the tax due within 30 days of this Notice, the FIRS shall in accordance with Section 49 (2) (a- d) of the FIRSE Act proceed and enforce the payment of the said tax against all the Directors, Managers, Secretaries and every other person concerned in the management of the Companies and recover the said tax from such persons without further notice,” it said.
“For the avoidance of doubt, the above Section authorises the FIRS to proceed against and punish every officer, Manager, Director, Secretary or any person concerned with the management of the Company in like manner as if he/she had committed the offence.”
Some of the accounts published include:
  1. Citiroof Aluminium Co. Ltd
  2. Coldstone Creamery Limited (Yaba)
  3. Davido Music Worldwide Ltd
  4. Grand Square Supermarket and Stores Ltd
  5. Iyiola Omisore & Par
  6. Open Heavens Bliss Enterprises
  7. The Assemblies of God Nigeria
  8. X3M Music Limited
  9. Tiger Foods Limited
  10. Slot Enterprises
  11. Payporte Technology Limited
  12. Visionscape Sanitation Solutions Limited
  13. Erisco Foods Limited Milk Cube account
  14. God is Good Motors (Vehicle sales account)
  15. Hubmart Stores Limited
  16. Obasanjo Farms Nig. Ltd (Feedmill)
  17. United Capital Plc

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