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(UNILORIN UPDATE) Department Of The Performing Arts – PFA 499 (Special Project) Group 11 Presents “Better Days Ahead” (A Dance Theatre)

They say money is the root of all evil, but there is a question I would like to ask
If money is the root of all evil, what of power?
For me I believe that Power is the root of more evil, because what will make Three brothers born on the same day and time, although from different mothers but to the same father, brothers who grew up in each other’s company, playing games and eating together then suddenly become swore enemies if not a thirst for power.
They lost their father the king, and the culture demands that a new King is crown, but, who will be the king among the three brothers who all have equal right to the throne?
Come and witness the love of three mothers who are ready to try everything within their capacity just to see their son enthroned as the king.
The Big question now is WHO WILL END UP WEARING THE ROYAL CROWN? (Come And See For Yourself)
Watch out for “BETTER DAYS AHEAD“, a dance performance written by CHRIS UGOLO
Project Supervisor: Mr Felix A. Akinsipe
Project Coordinator: DR. T.S. Arinde
Choreographed By: Olumodeji Peace
Stage Manager: Wasiu Olamilekan
Date – June, 19TH 2019
Ticket – Regular 300 ||  VIP: 1k
You can’t afford not to be there...

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