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2019/2020 WAEC Data Processing 1 and 2 Objective and Essay (Questions And Answers) Expo Posted For Free

Data Processing Answers,

Teleconferencing is the use of telecommunication devices to hold discussions between participants in different locations.
(i) For cash withdrawals
(ii) For deposits
(iii) For transfer of funds
Modem transmits digital data over communication lines. The conversion of the signals to/from analog to digital is the main purpose of a modem.
(i) Electronic Mails
(ii) Telephone messages
Entities: are usually recognizable concepts, either concrete or abstract, such as person, places, things, or events which have relevance to the database
(i) They might have been experiencing difficulties in resource Sharing
(ii) They might have lost some crucial data, so they want to connect it for Data Protection and Redundancy
(iii) Ease of Administration
(iv) To maintain complex internal communications systems
(i) Modem
(ii) Network Router
(iii) Network Hub
(iv) Network Switch
(i) Modem – It modulates and demodulates the signal between the digital data of a computer and the analog signal of a telephone line.
(ii) Network Router – This is responsible for routing traffic from one to another network.
(iii) Network Hub – This is used to connect multiple network hosts also for data transfer.
(iv) Network Switch – It helps in filter and forwarding of data… here to load more answers 
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