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"PART 2"
THEIF: ogbeni, stand up ***with gun pointing towards me***
ME: ***i passed a hot urine instantly***
THEIF: do you want to die?
ME:: **shielvering** no sir!!!!.
THEIF: if you know you don't want to die, just don't make any noise and shut up.
ME: ok sir!!!***holding my lips and passed another urine as I was looking at the gun*****
THEIF: now stand up and open your door. People are out there waiting. If you make any noise, I will blast your head from the back.
ME: ok sir!!!, I stood up and opened the door. Forcefully, 2 huge guys and a lady entered and push me away. " Face the ground!!!!" Yes sir "If you look up, I blast you" Yes sir
They searched everywhere, opened my bag and took my phones and laptop while I was still facing down.
LADY THEIF: where is the parcel you brought home today?
ME: ***the voice sound so familiar but I couldn't figure it out**** I didn't have any parcel sir ma**stammering**
LADY THEIF: **points gun at my head** ogbeni, look up and see the death on your head. If you don't tell me where the package is, I will blast your head to pieces.
ME: I passed another hot urine again. This time, the voice was getting more familiar, I manage to look up at the lady thief. "Whaaattttt!.
It was labake, my Ex-girl friend of 3years at the university.". Our eyes met. She was marvelled and I was amazed, I wanted to call her name. As I opened my mouth to talk, labake landed a heavy slap on my
face "gbosaaaa". I fell flat on the floor,
LABAKE: guys let's go, there is nothing like what we are looking for in this room.
*************FLASH BACK***************
Throughout my first year in the university, I never had any girlfriend and still a virgin. I was so shy and timid that I don't have the nerves to approach any girl. My friends helped me with scripts and manuals on how to approach a lady but I keep failing at every attempt. I maintained my single life style throughout my 100level days.
On the day economics department was to have their dinner, Bayo my neighbour who was the departmental social director told me to attend it band have fun.
ME: Bayo, u know I don't like parties?
BAYO :"Guy, no dey dull yourself"
ME: Hope there won't be any violence?
BAYO: "Violence as how?"
ME: I heard cultist always seize the medium to initiate people into fraternity.
BAYO: u dey talk because you never attend any dinner before. Guy flex jaree.
ME: hmmmmmmm
BAYO: you might even find a girlfriend there sef
ME: girl friend? **raised eyebrow***
BAYO: yes na, girls in economics department na dieeee!!
ME: but I don't have a ticket, how do I enter
BAYO: sebi na me be social director, I go carry you inside. 8pm, I took a cab and went to the event hall and waited at the entrance as instructed by bayo.
Minutes later, different girls were flowing inside the hall in a mini-skirts and dinner gowns revealing their front and back assets. Few girls that I knew among them who were not cute in the day-time appeared to be prettier and sexier at night. 
I was carried away by the things I was seeing and I decided to position a plastic chair very close to the entrance of the hall to have more better views. At 9pm, the crowd had increased, smokes of cigarette and weed were all over everywhere that I
began to choke. I was marvelled on seeing some group of ladies smoking. ladies were sitting on guys lap and smooching at every corner.
At few minutes to 10pm, Bayo arrived in a
departmental bus along side with other excos. Everyone in the hall were told to move out and line up. Bayo and other excos was at the entrances of the hall checking people's tickets before allowing
them to enter with the help of the cadets and man-o-war group. people who had no ticket was restricted from entering.
After the whole screening exercise, I called bayo and he came to meet me where I was and I followed him inside the hall. At 12am, the whole place was noisy, girls were dancing and tweaking at every corner with random guys. I could hear moans in the darkest parts behind the auditorium. Smokes were all over, music was at the loudest volume. I just sat down
somewhere eating my rice and sipping coke.
I have no one to dance with. Bayo was dancing with a fair lady at one corner and our eyes met. He felt disappointed on seeing me sitting alone and he came over to where I was.
BAYO: guy, why you dey dull yourself now, find one babe and dance with na.
ME: I no get anyone to dance with, and you know say I dey shy.
BAYO: mtcheeeeew. Wait for me I dey come. Bayo went away and returned with the girl she was dancing with.
BAYO: Baby, meet my friend onihaxy
ME: **stretching out my hand towards her and my heart was beating heavily**** my name is onihaxy
LADY: I'm labake****stretched her hands also and we shook hands
ME: its nice meeting you
LADY: you are welcome.
BAYO: labake, pls keep my friend busy and dance with him, my attention is needed somewhere, I have to go.
LABAKE: ok bayo, Bayo left us there and disappeared, I was looking at labake's face and I was shy to make a dance move .
DJ changed the track to "burn it up" by Rkelly. Before I knew it, labake stood up and started twerking infront me and shaking her killer as$ infront of me, I took the courage not to spoil the show and I stood up and danced with her.

PART 3 LOADING.........

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