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Google Inbox Officially Shutting Down in 15 days

Now its no more any news that Google has recently shut down Google Plus after which they have decided to shut down Google Inbox. According to a notice sent out to Inbox users over the past few hours, Google has pegged down the official shut down the date of Inbox by Gmail for 15 days from now. That lands the app’s official closure for April 2nd, 2019.
The in-app notice reads as follows:
This app will be going away in 15 days. You can find your favorite Inbox features in the Gmail app. Your messages are already waiting for you.
Along with the brief, heartbreaking message, Google offers a shortcut that opens up the Gmail app. Slowly but surely, Google is moving features from Inbox into the standard Gmail app, but many are still missing
Fortunately, Google says that it is “working hard” to bring the rest of those features over.

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