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5 Reasons Ladies Scream During Sex

1) She is feeling you : some ladies scream just because the guy is doing it very well.

2) She wants to encourage you : research confirms that men get motivated during sex when the lady screams out louder, even if the girl is not that feeling the guy, she screams to make him feel like he is doing the job.

3) she is a screamer: some ladies are natural screamers, she creams even without the D in her P.

4) she wants to come : some girls change their sound when they have orgasm. She moans differently and louder. When you knack such girl, don’t be afraid, she is coming lol.

5) It’s painful : Some girls scream when they feel pain, Maybe the D is bigger than what she normally take

Feel free to use the comment box if you know any other reasons why ladies scream

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